Friday, 5 January 2018

Current Affairs Questions of the Day 05 Jan 2018 Test-5 from

Questions of the Day                Test-5    05/01/2018

Q.1. National Nutrition Mission (NMM) is to be launched by PM Modi at
(a) Jhunjhunu (Rajasthan)
(b) Sarguja (Chattisgarh)
(c) Balangir (Odisha)
(d) Mahsana (Gujrat)

Q.2. Aim of National Nutrition Mission (NMM) is to be launched by PM Modi.
(a)  To reduce the level of stunting, undernutrition,
(b)  To reduce anaemia and low birth weight in babies,
(c) Both A & B
(d) None of above

Q.3. In first Phase how many districts are covered by National Nutrition Mission (NMM)
(a) 315
(b) 305
(c) 215
(d) 205

Q.4. Identity cards issued to Divyangs for benefits of various Govt. Programme
(a) Unique Disability Identity Cards (UDID)
(b) Unique Identity Cards (UID)
(c) Divyang  Identity Cards (DID)
(d) Specially abled  Identity CardsSEID

Q.5. SDR is an international reserve asset created by
(a)  World Bank
(b) IMF
(c) UNO

Q.6. In international Monitory environment SDR stands for
(a) Statuary Deposit Ratio
(b) Statuary Depository  Ratio
(c) Special Drawing Rights
(d) Statuary Drawing Rights

Q.7. Scheme which is meant for affordable universal access to essential social security protection to unorganized work force of country
(a) Atal pension Yojana (APY)
(b)  New Pension scheme (NPS)
(c) Employee Pension Scheme(EPS)
(d) Employee provident Fund(EPF)

Q.8. Conference on Transformation of Aspirational Districts is organized by
(a) NITI Aayog
(b) Ministry of Home affairs
(c) Ministry of Rural Development
(d) Ministry of Urban Development

Q.9.  Operation Alert is related to
(a) Increase surveillance in Naxalite (LWE) areas
(b) Curb the infiltration bid by terrorists at border areas  in J&K  
(c) Awareness programme for women safety
(d) High level Coastal security operation

Q.10. PCA initiated by The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) against high bad loans stands for ?
(a) Prompt Control Action
(b) Prospective  Corrective  Action
(c) Prospective Control Action

(d) Prompt Corrective Action