Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Current Affairs Question of the Day 03 Jan 2018 Test-3 from

Questions of the Day                  Test-3           03/01/2018 Current Affairs 2018
Q.1. Who has been appointed as the new Deputy National Security Advisor (NSA)?
(a)  Rajeev Gauba
(b)  P K Mishra
Rajinder Khanna
(d)  P K Srivastava

Q.2. Recently ,RadhaVishwanathan, has passed away. She was a?
(a)  Kuchipudi dancer
(b)  Carnatic Music vocalist
(c)  Tamil actress
(d)  Carnatic Music vocalist& Bharatanatyam dancer

Q.3. Government of India launched ______________portal to provide easy access to information on government schemes and initiatives for women.
(b) NARI

Q.4. Araadhanai Music Festival, a famous Carnatic Music festival is being organised  in which state?
(a)  Kerala
(b)  Karnataka
(c)  Andhra Pradesh

Q.5. Who is  the new CEO and MD of Infosys?
(a)  Natarajan Chandrasekaran
(b)  NandanNilekani
(c)  Salil Parekh
(d)  UB Pravin Rao

Q.6. This Indian Container port has won the ‘SamudraManthan - Caring Organisation of the Year’ award –
(a)  Jawaharlal Nehru Port
(b)  Vishakhapatanam
(c)  Haldia
(d)  Kochhi port

Q.7. India has signed Deal for  procuring Barak Missile with
(a)  Israel
(b)  Russia
(c)  France
(d)  United States

Q.8. Integrated Solar Based Micro Irrigation scheme  to be implemented in
(a) Gujrat
(b) Rajasthan
(c) Telangana

Q.9. Which Grand Slam tournament used to be organised in month of January
(a)  Wimbledon Open
(b)  French Open
(c)  Australian Open
(d)  US open

Q.10. PJ Shrijesh is player of
(a)  Hockey
(b)  Badminton
(c)   Lawn tennis
(c)   Chess