Sunday, 7 January 2018

Current Affairs Questions of the Day 07 Jan 2018 Test-7 from

Questions of the Day
Test-7    07/01/2018

Q.1. Countries second FTII is to be setup in the
a.  Arunachal Pradesh
b . Gujrat
c.  Uttar Pradesh
d.  West Bengal

Q.2. which state prepared Anti-Microbial Resistance  action plan plan
a.                  Gujrat
b.                  Kerala
c.         Uttar Pradesh
d.         West Bengal

Q.3. Anti-Microbial Resistance   refers bodies residence towards to
a.                  Bacteria& Parasite
b.                  Virus
c.                  Anti bacteria
d.                  Antibiotics
Q.4. Megharamjatra , biggest tribal festival of Asia is given national festival Tag is organised in
a.                  Telangana
b.                  Chhattisgarh
c.                  Odisha
d.                  Madhya Pradesh

Q.5. Siang river situated in which state
a.                  Sikkim
b.                  Mizoram
c.                  Arunachal Pradesh
d.                  Meghalaya

Q.6. Nayachar Island (Baren) is situated at estuary of
a.                  Hooghly
b.                  Narmada
c.                  Mahanadi
d.                  Krishna

Q.7. Winter Olympic to be held
a.                  Pyongchang South Korea
b.                  Shanghai(China)
c.                  Nagano (Japan)
d.                  Sochi (Russia)

Q.8. Which popular social networking media is launched as ‘Hello’?
a.                  Facebook
b.                  Likedin
c.                  Orkut
d.                  Whatsapp

Q.9. The denomination in which an electoral bonds will not be issued in multiples of
a.             ₹1,000,
b.            ₹10, crore
c.             ₹10 lakh
d.            ₹1 crore 
Q.10. FSSAI is under which ministry
a.                  Minsty of health and family welfare
b.                  Ministry of Science
c.                  Ministry of HRD
d.                  Ministry of Food